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2019 and Beyond - We Hear You


During our recent Fall Conference, we received excellent feedback from attendees on a wide range of topics.  Our Board of Directors has reviewed this information and will be using it as we prepare for the association activities in 2019.  The following three items were identified most often in the feedback we received.  Please review these items and feel free to share any thoughts, comments or questions to NMA President Danielle Swerczek.

Conference Location

We have received great feedback the past few years on our conference schedule and on the Scott Conference Center facility.  While the feedback we have received has been positive, members are looking for us to change locations from time to time to keep the Conference fresh.  We are focused on providing a great atmosphere for learning, but we’re also looking to maximize our ability to network and continue to build attendance.  We have heard your request and we are working to finalize a new venue for NMA’s 2019 Fall Conference.

Champions Circle

We are very pleased with the growth in our efforts to recognize individual lenders for their professionalism and excellence.  In 2018, our Champions Circle grew to recognition of over 70 lenders from 18 separate companies.  We are hoping to grow the list of Champion Circle lenders to 100 in 2019.  As this recognition program grows, we recognize and hear from you that it needs to evolve as well.  Upon analyzing your feedback, we are preparing to embark on a program to enhance the quality of the recognition you receive.  Our goal is to provide you with an award that is comparable to the quality of your achievement.  

Speakers & Educational Topics

Everyone on the Nebraska Mortgage Association Board of Directors recognizes and understands that people are busy with their careers and in their personal lives.  We are committed to seeking out quality educational events that our members will want to carve out time for in their hectic schedules.  We all work to improve ourselves, but we must prioritize where education and self-improvement fall within our work schedules.  The mortgage industry has excellent resources to draw upon and we will continue to work with our sponsors and partners for educational programs of interest to Nebraska lenders.  We will also work with our Executive Director to identify additional speaking resources that are both timely and relevant. 

We were extremely pleased with the positive feedback about our 2018 Conference speakers.  One attendee suggested that “these were probably to best group of speakers you have had in all the years we have been attending.”  Our hope is that with continued feedback from our members, we can continue to build on the quality of our programs and speakers.