Public Announcements

May is Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) Month!

May. 13, 2020

Thank you to everyone who helped make our MAA Action Week (May 4-8) campaign a success! 

Nationally, the MAA Action Week campaign generated over 2,300 MAA renewals and 12,000 new MAA members, bringing the active MAA membership total to over 46,000 strong-doubling our membership since the beginning of the year.  

Nearly 20% of the industry is represented through MAA, but there’s still more work to do. The month of May has been dubbed the Month of MAA to help amplify this important effort.

If you have already joined MAA - thank you! Now we need your help to recruit your industry peers and colleagues in the national #MAAchallenge. Simply share the MAA sign-up link or have them text "MAA" to 50457 to receive the same form.

Your personal testimonials about the importance of MAA are powerful, so to track all referrals, ask your prospects to include your name and email in the referral section that’s been added to the form.

The individual who recruits the largest number of MAA members will be featured in an industry-wide advocacy communication from the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) in June. In addition, the MBA will make a $250 donation to a local food bank in your community in your honor.

Your voice DOES make a difference in amplifying our united, industry message to shape key legislation and regulations!

In recent weeks, MAA members have sent over 50,000 emails to state and federal elected officials supporting calls to action to protect and secure our industry.

In fact, there is an urgent call to action you can support right now, as Congress begins their negotiations on the next comprehensive COVID-19 relief proposal (“Phase 4”):

  • Issue: FHFA and Congress have called on the mortgage banking industry to support COVID-19-impacted homeowners and rental property owners by offering an unprecedented level of mortgage payment forbearance. Federal regulators should in turn provide a facility to support the liquidity needs of the mortgage servicers that are meeting this forbearance mandate and serving hard-working American families. If the Treasury and the Federal Reserve are unwilling to provide liquidity support, it is time for Congress to act.

  • Action: Contact your US Senators and US Representative to submit recommended actions that Congress must take to build upon the foundation of the CARES Actand provide additional COVID-19 relief to our ailing economy. Click here to take action!


Politics is a numbers game. When a large group of constituents (and voters) weigh in on an issue, our elected officials pay attention.

Your voice DOES make a difference in amplifying our united, industry message to shape key legislation and regulations!

Thank you for supporting MAA!